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First Concert!

First Concert!
Photo by Aditya Chinchure / Unsplash

I went to my first concert with my girlfriend!

It was by a South Korean group called "MAMAMOO" (yall should give it a try), and they happened to perform in Wintrust Arena in Chicago for their first US Tour this year.

The concert felt very different compared to listening to it online or through Spotify. Some of the songs and choreographs are well planned, and they energize the crowd.

It definitely was a good choice to listen to my best friend's recommendation not to drink a lot of fluid since we were sitting in the middle of a seating area with many cheerful fans around us (don't want to interrupt their view!)

Unfortunately, we weren't able to purchase their lightsticks ("무봉" or "Moobong"). sad

Next time, if I have to go to another one (most likely I will), make sure NOT to bring a bag. We had to line up at a bag check to check in our bags and then go through security into the arena.

What a fun time! :)